Conveyor belting products

In the field of conveyor belting products we offer you a complete service and delivery program encompassing conveyor belts, conveyor components, scraper systems and wear protection products..


Profit from our many years of experience and our reliable assembly service, which is available to our customers


  365 days a year and 24 hours a day


for conveyor belt assamblies and repairs, hopper linings, scraper installations and rubber coating requirements. On request we also service and check complete conveyor systems, install lateral sealing systems and other system components.

When it comes to product selection we depend on long-term partnership with leading manufacturers: Rubber conveyor belts made in Holland by DUNLOP CONVEYOR BELTING or carrier rollers, stations and conveyance elements made in Germany by SANDVIK: Through renowned quality products we offer our customers assurances for their conveyor systems.


Rubber conveyor belts

  • SUPERFORT-Multi-ply
  • DUNLOFLEX-Multi-ply
  • TRIOFLEX-Multi-ply
  • Slider-belts
  • CHEVRON / HIGH-CHEVRON-Profiled conveyor belts
  • Oil and fat resistant conveyor belts ROS und ROM
  • Steel reinforces conveyor belts
  • Rufftop and fishbone profiled conveyor belts
  • Heat resistant conveyor belts BETAHETE / STARHETE / DELTAHETE
  • Fire resistant conveyor belts
  • USFlex  impact resistant belts
  • Elevator belts



Conveyor components                               

  • Pulleys
  • Rollers
  • Idlers

Plastic conveyor belts, toothed belts, flat belts

  • Take-off belts
  • Antimicrobial belts
  • Feeder belts
  • Endless woven belts and flat belts
  • Felt belts
  • Roller belts
  • Tube winding belts
  • Ribbed V belts
  • Curved systems
  • Leather drive belts
  • Perforated belts/vacuum belts
  • Abrasive belts
  • Knife-edge belts
  • Polyester gauze belts
  • PTFE glass fibre belts
  • Circular belts
  • Grooved conveyor belts
  • Studded belts

  • Stamping strips
  • Corrugated edge belts
  • Weighing and dosing belts
  • Woven converings
  • Toothed belts with and without back coating


VOLTA-Food conveyor belts, V and round belts

Our products from VOLTA are made from special TPE mixes, the homogenous surfaces and belt structures of which are particularly well suited for a wide range of applications and which far exceed conventional products in terms of services life.

For the food processing industry VOLTA offers conveyor belts with a range of advantages:
  • Slip-free drive belts with homogenous toothing
  • Hygienic and easy cleaning
  • Moisture-repellent and odour-neutral characteristics
  • FDA and USDA certified
  • Light permeable
  • Anti-adhesive surfaces


VOLTA products are also the right choise for general applications in conveyance technology.

  • homogene Bandstruktur, keine Lagen-trennung möglich
  • vielfältigste Konfektionierungsmöglichkeiten für Stollen-, Wellenkanten- und Bandführungen durch homogenes Verschweißen
  • extrem hohe Schnittfestigkeit
  • hohe Widerstandfähigkeit gegen viele Chemikalien
  • sehr hohe Abriebfestigkeit

With the installation tools from VOLTA all products can be welded to your system quickly and permanently. Saving time and money.



Conveyor belt cleaning systems and system equipment

  • Drum scrapers
  • Under-belt scrapers
  • Plough-type scrapers
  • Scrapers for reserve operation
  • Optionally segmented or lamella systems
  • Top quality scraper blades from metal, stainless steel or polyurethane
  • Rubber "combo scrapers" 
  • Roller protection hoses       "VOLTA-SLEEVE"
  • Wear protection rubber
  • Lateral sealing rubber
  • Damping elements
  • Connection and repair materials
  • Convers for drive and idler pulleys


SANDVIK wear protection and screening linings

Since 2010 we have been a sales partner for the wear protection products and screen linings from SANDVIK.



We offer you a high quality product range with superior wear resistance for demanding applications in industrial areas.
Together with the application consultants from SANDVIK we work on location to optimise your existing systems or support you in the project development and planning of new systems.
SANDVIK´s modular rubber wear protection sheets (patented) provide complete wear protection and can be tailor-produced with ease for almost every application with light to moderately heavy-duty requirements, and are extremely light in comparison to other antiwear materials. Perfect for use in mobile systems for example. We will be delighted to advise you!






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