Insulation technology

The products consolidated here comprise vibration technology, sound and noise absorption products, heat insulation and a wide range of filter materials. Alongside stamped parts and blanks we also laminate respective materials with a wide range of adhesive systems in our SERVICE & TECHNOLOGY department.




  • filter fabrics and filter mats
  • Glass fibre
  • Insulation sheets
  • Rubber-metal elements
  • Machine bases
  • Levelling elements
  • isoGLAS®-glass fibre products
  • isoKERAM® products
  • Polyurethane foam on an ether and ester basis
  • Polyolefin and PVC foam
  • Melamine resin foams
  • Technical non-wovens




Your personal points of contact for this product range are: 


Stephan Behrens

Hauke Claus

Tel. 0421 / 417 90 – 36

Tel.: 0421 / 417 90 – 37