Occupational safety

Occupational safety from head to toe. From classical to ultra-modern. When it comes to comlying with testing periods, legal requirements or a new look for your personnel, our approved advisors on matters of PPE (personnel protective equipment) stand alongside you for advice and implementation.


  • Respiratory protection (disposable, full and half mask, filter)
  • Eye protection (protective goggles, masks, visors)
  • Hearing protection (ear defenders, ear plug dispensers)
  • Head protection (helmets, helmet systems, accessoires)
  • Body protection (work clothes, warning and protective clothing, overalls)
  • Hand protection (industrial gloves, protective ans disposable gloves)
  • Foot protection (safety boots and shoes, rubber, boots, inserts)
  • First aid (dressings, stretchers, cabinets)
  • Safeguards (harnesses, anchorage devices, strap fall attenuators)
  • Paper and towels (cleaning clothes, fleece towels, dispenser systems)




  • Mascot
  • Planam
  • Rofa
  • HKS
  • Aimont
  • Sundström
  • 3M
  • Ansell
  • KCL
  • Transferembleme
  • Namens- und Logostickerei
  • Industriewäsche
  • Hautschutzpläne
  • Schallpegel-Messungen
  • Musterkollektionen




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Frank Wenzel

Rainer Schumacher

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Tel. 0421 / 417 90 – 50
E-Mail: Frank.Wenzel@benien.de

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Tel.: 0421 / 417 90 – 42
E-Mail: Rainer.Schumacher@benien.de