Individual solutions do not simply fall off the production line but are instead alinged with your personal needs. And tehse are as multifaceted as the service palette off our service&technology department.
Our customers wishes constitute the bread and butter of our workshop. We see ourselves as specialised service providers in the field of rubber and plastic technology, sealing technology and foamed materials.
Our service palette at a glance
  • Rubber and cladding work
  • Assembly & production of complete modules
  • Production and repair of chain and cable suspensions
  • Stamped parts for large production series
  • Dimensional cuts for semi-finished plastic parts
  • Hot vulcanisation of silicon-foam products
  • Production of installation-ready hoses
  • Spray coatings for open-pore materials
  • Installation of compensators, impact protection profiles etc. on your site
  • Manufacture of flat gaskets and drawing parts on a digital cutting plotter


Your peronal points of contact for this product range are:


Angelina Arrocha                      

Stephan Behrens

Tel.: 0421 / 417 90 – 38

Fax: 0421 / 417 90 - 99    

Tel.: 0421 / 417 90 – 36

Fax: 0421 / 417 90 - 99